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A free sample from our letter baskets just for you! 

This is L is for Leopard and not included in the full Letter Basket Pack!

Learn the alphabet in a fun, hands on learning way with our Letter Baskets!

Our letter baskets are a similar format to our morning baskets and include sweet learning activities with a cute animal theme! Each letter basket is aimed for your littlest of learners, roughly 2-6 year olds, but also includes fun activities all ages can enjoy!

You can purchase each pack separately, or in a bundle with a discount. (YAY!)

Be sure to grab the starter pack that includes some fun additions to track your learning journey through the alphabet.

In each letter basket you will find:

Letter flag
Variety of alphabet flashcards
Alphabet scavenger hunt
Tracing card
Poem writing page
Building sight words cards
Circle the letter sheet
Lacing card
Letter sheet
Playdough mat
Q-tip painting sheet
Upper & lower case sorting activity
Tracing sheets
Prompted drawing
Letter tangram puzzle
Loose parts card
Chalkboard alphabet card
Rainbow writing sheet
Craft letters (upper & lower case)
Colouring sheets

All of the above makes for some fun learning!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. Upon purchase you will receive one PDF file ready to print and play!